If you’re buying yourself a new bed, you may not have anticipated the new challenge of getting rid of your old mattress.

Most retailers can help with mattress disposal.

However, there could be an extra cost – and local councils can charge for collecting bulky items, which include beds.

So let’s look at some other ways you can get rid of your old mattress for free.

Why would I get rid of an old mattress?

Experts claim we should replace our old mattresses every 8-10 years, so it may be the time you’re simply replacing like-for-like.

A new mattress helps with hygiene, support, and comfort – all helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Or, perhaps it is stained and old, or you are replacing your bed for a bigger or smaller size.

Depending on why you’re getting rid of an old mattress may impact your overall options.

Avoid fly-tipping

Do the right thing and don’t fly tip – avoid a hefty fine by taking your old bed to the local tip or using some of the other ideas below.

Can I take a mattress to the local tip UK?

Your local council should have a disposal service with kerb-side collection, but some councils charge.

If you have a vehicle large enough, you could dispose of your used mattress at a local tip. This can be a cost-effective way to get rid of it.

Use someone else’s skip

You’re not allowed to put rubbish into someone else’s skip as this would be considered fly-tipping.

However, asking for permission first and seeing if you can put your unwanted mattress in there doesn’t hurt.

Consider selling your mattress

If the mattress is in decent condition, you may be able to sell it on locally.

Double check for any stains or broken springs.

You won’t get the original price, but it’s a good way to earn some extra cash.

Give away for free

There are various recycling schemes online where you can donate the mattress – Freecycle and Facebook Marketplace are good starting points.

You can also ask friends and family – you may be surprised at the uptake.

Donate your bed to charity

Charities may offer a mattress collection service.

This is a great environmentally friendly option.

Organisations like British Heart Foundation and Emmaus will resell your mattress and put the proceeds towards a good cause.

Several other charities also accept mattress donations, so if there’s a cause you particularly want to support, it’s worth contacting the charity directly.

You can ask in a charity shop to see if they or the local council collect unwanted beds.

However, most charities require that mattresses include a fire safety label and that it’s in good condition before accepting the donation.

Recycle the mattress parts

You could strip your mattress down if you have the time and tools. The springs inside will be recyclable and may be taken by a local scrap company.

holding a mattress corner

Look for recycling centres

Or try a furniture recycling group near you. If you are also disposing of your bed frame, you can look for your nearest recycling centre.

Avoid adding to the landfill problem and look at some eco-friendly – and purse-friendly – ways to dispose of your old mattress.

A local recycling centre run by your council sometimes offers free collections.

Check your local council’s website for details.

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